WebTVAsia's Gerard Kho ventures into education space, helms dual role

Gerard Kho, group chief strategy officer at digital media entertainment company WebTVAsia, has taken on a separate role of group chief commercial officer at education management company ACE EdVenture. ACE EdVenture offers students and schools programmes for the English language, Mathematics and Science.

In his newly created role, Kho (pictured) is focusing on the commercialisation aspect at the group level in preparation for growth. As group chief commercial officer, his role includes exploring new opportunities and commercialising all products in new and current market segments. He added that these responsibilities involve aligning products across the entire group through positioning, pricing and promotion of the product. It also involves realigning and enhancing the ACE Edventure brand to putting structures that enhance revenue growth. Kho reports to global CEO Stuart Patton.

In a statement to A+M, Kho said he aims to transform, realign and create new opportunities with what ACE has achieved in the last 25 years. According to him, his latest role is focused on growth of organisational issues such as entrepreneurship, freelancers, and developing the younger generation to be aware of the changing world environment. "The role is synergistic with my current role in WebTVAsia as the group chief strategy officer," he added.

According to Kho, he is very fortunate to have leaders at WebTVAsia and ACE be supportive of him helm dual roles in separate organisations. "In fact, the two businesses are very synergistic. WebTVAsia is at its core about developing talents in various fields across various age groups and helping them reach subscribers in Southeast Asia," Kho explained. As for ACE, he said it is about grooming these talents from young.

"There perhaps could be cross opportunities between the two organisations in the future, as both focus on the youth of today and tomorrow," Kho added. When asked how he plans to juggle the two separate roles, Kho said it "should not be difficult" as both focus on talent development. "My role is strategic and insertion into areas that need help at different phases of growth so it offers a broad scope of knowledge that is interchangeable," he explained.

Prior to joining ACE and WebTVAsia, Kho was the CMO of Sunway Property for close to two years. During his time there, he oversaw its strategic branding and positioning of the property developments within the Sunway Group. Among the list of duties Kho was responsible for at Sunway Property included destination marketing and content management, PR and media engagement, digital marketing and social media. Kho was also involved in business and corporate relations management.