WATCH Musical campaign by Singapore police hits bad note with public

Singapore Police Force (SPF) has decided to bring its famous cut out police man to life but the public does not seem to be warming up to him.

The (painfully long) three minute video is currently running on SPF's Facebook page and depicts why shop lifting is a crime. It shows the journey of a young shoplifter and ends with members of the public busting out a groove. Launched just 21 hours ago, the film already has over 5,200 shares and 5.5 k likes on Facebook.

It runs with the caption: “You've seen him in stores and maybe on the streets. Now, the island's most recognized cardboard standee is here to tell you that even during this Year of the Goat, you just can't bleat the law!"


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Post by Singapore Police Force.


However results have been anything but positive for the campaign. One Facebook user deems the campaign to be the "Sg50 laughing stock".

Another has said :"Is this meant to be comedy ? On purpose? Or is this all the advertising agencies in Singapore can offer?"

Marketing has already reached out to SPF to find out which agency was responsible for creating the video but has not had a response so far.

Recently, SPF has been ramping up its marketing campaigns. Earlier last month it launched a campaign warning the public against falling for online love scams with this campaign.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time government agencies went on a musical route for their ads.

The Public Utilities Board also earlier launched a campaign titled “Water Wally Shower Dance Music Video”, which also fell flat with the public. Also, here are four other cringe worthy rap videos by government agencies.