WATCH Malaysians belt out their favourite Merdeka songs

In a stunt that has warmed the hearts of Malaysians, Easy Taxi embraced the patriotic fervor by daring unsuspecting customers to perform Merdeka theme songs in return for free rides during its Easy Karaoke Challenge.

Unbeknown to its customers, Easy Taxi had installed a karaoke system and GoPro camera in one of its fleet operating in Klang Valley. Over 40 lucky passengers who made bookings through the Easy Taxi app during the recent Merdeka week happened to hop into this unique taxi. To their amusement, they were rewarded with a free ride granted that they sang patriotic tunes during the journey.

Check it out:

“We wanted our customers to step out of their comfort zone to join us in celebrating the 57th Independence Day together in a fun and unforgettable way. It’s no secret that Malaysians love to sing and we were encouraged by the number of customers who accepted our Easy Karaoke Challenge,” said Joon Chan, regional managing director of Easy Taxi Southeast Asia.

Upon boarding the taxi, participants were given the option to sing selected Merdeka songs in return for a free ride. Most of the individuals rose to the challenge and once the challenge has been completed, most also continued singing throughout their ride as there were 40 other popular hits for selection in the playlist.

“This initiative is another rewarding experience for both our new and loyal customers and we will continue to roll out more exciting and unique campaigns for our passengers. It will be a surprise! So, the only way for our customers to discover about it is to simply ride with Easy Taxi. It will definitely be an unforgettable journey,” Chan added.

Earlier this year, Easy Taxi had also rolled out the Easy Karaoke Challenge in other countries, which generated equally popular videos that went viral in Chile and Brazil.

“The challenge was an unsuspected surprise for me and my friend. I’ve never seen a karaoke system installed in a taxi and we had lots of fun whilst reminiscing on our country’s independence. Indeed, catching a cab with Easy Taxi could be so exciting and meaningful,” said Maizura binti Kamar, one of the passengers .