Time Out HK returns to original name as social restrictions ease

Time Out Hong Kong has once again been renamed to welcome the easing of social restrictions across the city.

On 29 June, the publication decided to switch its iconic brand logo back to Time Out from the temporary Time In logo. Although the threat of COVID-19 is still around, Time Out Hong Kong said its editorial team in the city would curate local content, including the evolving city culture. 

It offers content about how to go out safely, what to prepare for, and the precautions that are being taken by businesses and the city to help its readers make informed decisions before going out. 

At the same time, the publication will continue to create content to inspire and advise on how to enjoy the city’s indoor activities or what readers can do at home, after it saw a strong audience engagement after its rebranding to Time In in March. 

“With the switch back to Time Out, we will continue to do all we can to highlight and support local businesses. Since 1968, Time Out has curated the best of the city and has been part of the urban cultural life around the world,” said Nicholas Chan, general manager of Time Out Hong Kong.

On 23 March, Time Out Hong Kong announced that due to the severity of COVID-19, stringent social distancing measures, and the closure of venues across Hong Kong, the group would temporarily rename Time Out to Time In with the aim of bringing the best indoor activities in Hong Kong to its readers.

“We were able to remain relevant and be agile during the rebranding, becoming a portal to discover the best of the city, at home on your couch. Our pivot to Time In content has shown how adaptable Time Out Hong Kong and our sister cities are, and how important it is to be in touch with what’s emerging in city culture, be it live or virtual,” Chan added.

Several Time Out cities, including Barcelona, Madrid, and Paris have also made the switch and others will follow suit when the situation becomes appropriate and safe.

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