SCMP promises better brand safety with the launch of its SCMP Signal tool

SCMP has launched a new marketing tool aimed at helping clients increase engagement and ensure the safety of their brands. 

The new SCMP Signal proprietary brand suitability tool includes customisable contextual, keyword, and sentiment targeting options. It integrates directly with SCMP’s content management system, classifying every article and piece of metadata before it is published which makes targeting faster and more reliable than on other platforms.

SCMP claims that SCMP Signal allows marketers to ensure brand safety while reaching up to 55% more of its users and increase engagement by up to 80%. 

“The idea of brand safety has evolved a lot over the last few years and most marketers know that news media is a great environment to advertise in. These days they mostly care about suitability – essentially ensuring it’s not just safe, but also appropriate. SCMP Signal ensures they can reach the users they want in the best possible environment," said Ian Hocking, vice-president of digital at SCMP. 

ian hocking. bw

Ian Hocking

One issue publishers have faced as of late, has been the losses taken by articles related to COVID-19 due to the shortcomings of current tools, such as not leveraging suitability to target.

"SCMP is already applying Signal to all direct campaigns to ensure brand safety, but with some customisation for direct clients, we can drive campaign performance too," said Timmy Bankole, associate director of digital operations.

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