PLUS Malaysia seeks head of customer experience

PLUS Malaysia is on the lookout for a head of customer experience to formulate and drive customer experience framework, plans, programs and initiatives to increase customer satisfaction across all touch-points.

The individual will also be responsible for developing the end-to-end customer experience lifecycle process, providing a customer-centric view based on the customer’s perspective across business function and generating toll and non-toll revenue. Relationship management is also a crucial skill for the individual to have, as he or she is expected to establish and maintain effective relationships with the government, government-linked companies and various stakeholders. This is to ensure that PLUS can deliver organisational marketing and customer engagement plans, programs and initiatives to seize profitable business partnerships.

Among the individual’s list of duties also include educating employees on customer satisfaction measures, marketing strategies, customer experience strategies programs, initiatives and emerging issues. The head of customer experience at PLUS is also expected to maintain, manage and monitor customer-related systems, such as the customer care online management system, PLUSMobile App, PLUS Traffic Portal and other customer feedback systems, to enhance the customer satisfaction index and net promoter score.

In a statement to A+M, chief commercial officer Christine Liew said the head of customer experience is expected to lead the change to create and enhance the customer experience along the journey on PLUS highways. The individual will also oversee other PLUS channels, its rest service areas, its rewards programme and marketing initiatives for the various customer segments who choose to use PLUS. This is in line with its brand purpose “Taking care of you, every step of the way” which was introduced late in 2017.

“Essentially, we believe that there are many more customer touch-points we need to ensure a better experience than the traditional brick and mortar. The head of customer experience’s role is expanded now to a wider portfolio than before, to meet the growing customer needs and plan for the future trends,” she explained. Liew added that PLUS is looking for talent who champions the customer through relevant insights and is strong in helping build a customer excellence culture within the organisation.

Earlier this year, the company appointed MediaCom to lead the development of strategic communication planning, media planning and buying. Liew told A+M then that the appointment follows a pitch held in the first quarter of 2019 and is for a period of one year. According to Liew, MediaCom was chosen as there was a fit in strategy and work is expected to roll out soon, beginning with its Hari Raya campaign.

(Photo courtesy: 123RF)