NetEase Cloud Music and Studio Ghibli sign China digital music distribution agreement

NetEase’s music streaming platform, NetEase Cloud Music, has signed a digital music distribution agreement with legendary Japanese animation studio, Studio Ghibli.

The agreement means that NetEase Cloud Music will be the sole digital music distributor for the entirety of Studio Ghibli's music catalogue in mainland China. These include albums and soundtracks from its popular feature films such as My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, and Ponyo.

Though Studio Ghibli is better known for the incredible visuals of its output, especially the works helmed by visionary director Hayao Miyazaki, its soundtracks have also drawn high acclaim. Notable the works of Japanese musician Joe Hisaishi have become iconic pieces of music adored by kids the world over and across generations.

In recent years, NetEase Cloud Music has built up its library of Japanese music content, including a great deal of material from Japanese animes and games in addition to J-pop and classical tracks. This is part of a larger plan to make it a stronger player in China in offering its users access to high-quality international music.

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