Moving Bits joins independent consortium thenetworkone

Production company, Moving Bits, has joined independent consortium thenetworkone which has a vast network of over 1,200 agencies in 109 countries. Moving Bits started in 1998 as a production company, and over the past two decades, it has evolved into a hybrid creative agency with in-house, creative, production, and post-production teams. It now has two decades of experience working directly with a diverse range of clients, that include Hong Kong Disneyland, Keppel Corp, Pan Pacific Hotels Group, Resorts World Genting and Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS).

In a conversation with Marketing,  CEO of Moving Bits Jay Soo said the company had to have active clients worldwide and be able to display itself as more than just a production house to become a part of thenetworkone. Moving Bits showcased its multiple awards won worldwide for its original artworks over the past two decades to showcase the abilities as a creative agency rather than just a production house. Soo added that Moving Bits joined thenetworkone to gain further international exposure and the partnership enables its employees to share and learn from global counterparts.

Soo said in recent times, the company helped clients craft “compelling content” that allowed the everyday consumers to “experience the client’s products and services vicariously through the power of moving visuals”. Soo added that while the agency will not be sharing revenue, it will be paying a commission fee on any clients introduced to the company through this partnership.

“We have morphed into a creative agency in our own right, but with full-blown in-house creative staff, production, and post-production teams. These make us a logical choice for clients to partner with on top of being extremely cost-efficient. And, since our work has been widely accepted at an international level, we figured that joining thenetworkone was a natural next step in getting greater international exposure,” Soo added.

Paul Squirrell, director of thenetworkone said the “real ‘secret sauce’ was creativity, raw talent and heaps of enthusiasm”, and this resided in independent, owner managed agencies like Moving Bits, which is why the company was excited to welcome Jay and the team onboard thenetworkone.

“The timing couldn't be better. In a world ravaged by a pandemic, causing a tectonic shift in how multinational corporations operate with their marketing agencies, Moving Bits is well-positioned to be a significant contributor in thenetworkone's arsenal of independent agencies, and vice versa”, Squirrell added.