Mezzo Labs expands into Singapore, aims to tap on data talent in SEA

UK-based digital analytics consultancy Mezzo Labs has expanded to Singapore to serve Southeast Asian markets. The company chose Singapore because it has access to a regionally strong pool of data talent, which will be crucial to help the company find the right people to deliver these transformational data capabilities,according to Patrick Milburn, managing director, Hong Kong and Singapore. Milburn added that the Singapore office will allow it to service Southeast Asian clients more effectively, as well as scale more quickly.

In a statement to Marketing, Milburn said the company will be actively exploring both Malaysia and Thailand markets over the next 12 to 18 months. He believes that both markets have an increasing appetite for digital and data transformation, adding that the maturity level in both markets is improving when it comes to using data, and the business environment is conducive building a services business.

Milburn said its Singapore and Hong Kong offices will operate as one – resources will be shared, and people will be available to work remotely or in person as needed. He added that the company does not outsource or offshore, so having access to people from either office is both essential and possible. 

The Singapore office will be led by general manager Mark Teal, who will be reporting to Milburn. Prior to this role, Teal was head of growth and partnerships ASEAN for Digitas, where he contributed to growing the office from 30 to 100 people over three years, the press statement said. He also previously helmed the role of business director in Ogilvy for six years.

Milburn tells Marketing that Teal has a strong understanding of the potential for data to drive business outcomes, and how this can tangibly make a difference to clients. He added that Teal's new business and partner relationship experience in his previous role will be vital in helping Mezzo Labs grow really strong relationships in Singapore and beyond. Milburn also said that the team in Singapore currently consists of Teal and one technical specialist. However, the company is looking to hire three or four people by the end of the year as the business grows.  

“I was drawn to Mezzo Labs because they are leading the way in data analytics during a period of huge change in the marketing industry. I cannot wait to start building a team here in Singapore and to be part of the growing Mezzo Labs network," Teal said.

When asked about his vision for the Singapore office, Teal said he plans to establish a two-step approach to data analytics: Firstly, to help clients simplify, combine and articulate their data in a way that drives business value, and secondly to take those insights to help them power and orchestrate their digital marketing stack, ultimately allowing them to enjoy greater ROI.

Milburn said the company has seen demand across Asia Pacific for genuine data expertise, as often brands have not been able to clearly articulate their vision and roadmap or build the skills in-house to fully operationalise it. "Our model has provided clients with a well-defined path to actually getting value from their data and improve the experiences for their customers," he added. Among Mezzo Lab's list of partners include DOMO, Oracle, Adobe, Google Analytics, Tableau, and Tealium.

Mezzo Labs set up its regional headquarters in Hong Kong in May 2018. It said then that it is aiming to fill a gap in Hong Kong where companies do not have the local expertise to get meaningful insight from their digital data. Milburn also previously that the company plans to further leverage its expertise in financial services, as well as push into travel, hospitality and retail across Asia Pacific.