MY esports fed enters RM140 million partnership with Dynasty Esports

Malaysia Electronic Sports Federation (MESF), formerly known as Esports Malaysia association, has entered a partnership worth RM140 million with Dynasty Esports to create the official national esports platform of Malaysia. Under this five-year strategic partnership, Dynasty Esports will provide a platform that promotes effective management and control of the esports ecosystem within Malaysia.

The platform will contain free open source esports event management, player engagement and the latest national esports news. It will also feature the country’s first leader board and ranking system for respective esports game titles for Malaysians, the national esports calendar for esports-related activities within the nation as well as events featuring Malaysian athletes. Additionally, MESF will soon be rolling out a national esports league plan that includes esports game titles on multiple platforms such as PC, console, mobile, racing simulator, and virtual reality (VR) for Malaysia. This initiative is in alignment with the strategic plan for esports development that was launched by the Ministry of Youth and Sports last year.

In a press release, Ananth S.Nathan, president of MESF said he firmly believed that Malaysians could benefit from a structured ecosystem that not only helped the community, but also the economy as a whole. He also hoped that this initiative would be the game changer and a stepping stone to propel the nation to leap forward as the leading example to the world of esports.

“We believe that the best way moving towards the development of esports within the country is to engage and work closely with relevant esports stakeholders, event organisers, game publishers, game developers, communities and talents,” he further added.

Esports has been gaining popularity in Malaysia in recent years, with brands stepping up efforts to promote it further. Earlier this year, Subway Malaysia made its first foray into esports, sponsoring MyGameOn's (MGO) Lunchtime Cup championship as a testament to its interest and awareness towards the local esports industry, and its desire to bring something fresh to the local gaming scene and esports fans in Malaysia. 

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