ManpowerGroup SG creates job platform #PridePass for LGBTQ-friendly firms

Workforce solutions company ManpowerGroup Singapore has launched #PridePass, an initiative aimed at driving diversity and inclusion in the workplace by providing a platform for more job opportunities for LGBTQ from inclusive organisations, in partnership with global brand experience agency VMLY&R.  This partnership comes in celebration of Pride month. With the LGBTQ people facing discrimination in the workplace and when applying for jobs in more than half of the world, this results in LGBTQ employees having higher chances to get rejected for jobs, overlooked for promotions or fired for being who they are.

Despite this, there is growing support for the LGBTQ community from businesses across the globe, with over 90% of Fortune 500 companies having already adopted LGBTQ-friendly workplace policies. This trend was the inspiration behind #PridePass, where ManpowerGroup and VMLY&R wanted to find a way to better connect inclusive companies to LGBTQ talent across the globe. The PridePass website is designed to bring together job listings from inclusive companies. By tagging #PridePass in job listings, any company can see the job openings featured on the website, making it easier for them to connect with LGBTQ talent.

Linda Teo, country manager at ManpowerGroup Singapore said the organisation was committed to fostering social change to create healthy and happy working environments which were socially responsible and free from discrimination. “PridePass represents a step in the right direction, giving employers in Asia and across the globe the opportunity to join the cause and show support for LGBTQ talent,” Teo added.

Valerie Madon, chief creative officer of VMLY&R Asia said the platform was designed help companies make a “real impact by acting through hiring”, and help the LGBTQ community beyond Pride Month. “It’s a call for more companies to open their doors and create an inclusive and diverse work environment, because we believe that talent is not dependent on gender identity or sexual orientation,” Madon added.

Many brands have been stepping up to show support for the LGBTQ in the past years. Last year, companies such as Deliveroo Singapore rebranded its brand name to "Deloveroo", in celebration of Pride month, whereas Michael Kors was sighted decking out its Vivocity outlet in rainbow-themed decoration and its Pride Month collection by netizens.

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