LINE Thailand launches new ad formats, collaborates with VGI

Communication app company LINE Thailand will be launching new advertisement formats and strategies on the LINE platform, namely a new ad format called "Story Linked", an online-merge-offline (OMO) ad ecosystem, and a digital data analysis tool "LINE Reach Curve". 

LINE Thailand will be launching its new ad format "Story Linked" on LINE TV in March. The ad format will divide video ads into smaller parts, making it similar to sequential ads. In a statement to Marketing, a spokesperson from LINE Thailand said the ads will be served part-by-part on all content and cross-devices on LINE TV. It is added that advertisers can choose to run the clips in a sequence, and for best practices, should aim to deliver different objectives with each short clip.

According to LINE Thailand, the new ad format will allow audience to easier digest ads and be able to connect to the story with each advertisement they come across. Without the need to compress everything into a single video ad, Story Linked is also said to enable marketers to deliver their message more effectively and increase engagement with their audience.

Meanwhile, LINE Thailand will be collaborating with Thailand out-of-home (OOH) media service provider VGI, as well as Bangkok Metro Networks, to launch its OMO ad format. Launching in May 2020, the new ad format integrates both online and offline advertising, and aims to enable marketers to reach its audience better. LINE Thailand said it will also help advertisers to plan their digital and OOH media strategies more effectively by combining two types of ads into one solution.

For its data analysis tool "LINE Reach Curve", LINE Thailand will be developing it in collaboration with market research company, Nielsen Thailand. The digital tool aims to help brands and marketers analyse and plan their advertising strategy on LINE platform according to their budget and target audience. The LINE Reach Curve will be available for brands and marketers partnering with LINE by June 2020. 

Last month, LINE Thailand said it is looking to expand LINE TV into ASEAN by 2022. A spokesperson confirmed with Marketing that the company is looking to expand LINE TV into Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar by the second half of this year, and is looking to expand into Indonesia as well by 2022. The spokesperson also said that LINE TV is planning to allow purchases while watching through the LINE TV app or LINE shopping features.

LINE TV will also continue to work with its partners for original content, as well as expand its variety including animation, sports/e-sports for men and sitcoms. The spokesperson also said that the reason for expanding into Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar is because the three countries have similar cultural backgrounds, which audience can relate easily to LINE TV's current Thai content.

Nadhakriz Kanchanamantana, head of commercial content and media of LINE Thailand, said the company hopes to help brands and marketers in Thailand reach and engage with their audience more efficiently with its three new advertising solutions and tools. He added that although the overall Thai economy is challenging, LINE Thailand is committed to support Thai businesses to transform for better growth.

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