HKBN welcomes products and services from businesses to offset payments


HKBN has already launched several measures to help customers stay afloat during the economic downturn. To help businesses, the company has launched a barter and bundle plan which allows enterprises from different industries to offer their products and services to HKBN in exchange for telecom and technology solutions. 

Under this plan, HKBN will allow merchants to offset a part of their payments for HKBN’s telecom and technology solutions with their own products or services. HKBN will offer such products or services to benefit its enterprise and residential customers.

The company said there’s no merchant quotas or preset restrictions on the kinds of products or services to be used in the plan. 

HKBN will offer a full range of telecom and technology solutions (where merchants can use their products and services to offset the payments), from data connectivity, voice communication, cloud and remote office solutions, IoT, digital solutions, business continuity, to e-security, to name a few. Currently, some fast-food and retail chains, hotels, and conference facilities, have benefited from the plan. 

“Our goal is to help enterprises slash their operating costs and attract more patronage by leveraging HKBN’s extensive customer base. We are looking for a win-win co-creation of long-term value with all our customers and business partners rather than make money off them,” said NiQ Lai, co-owner and group CEO of HKBN.

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