Google Hong Kong and Dustykid team up to promote online safety

Google Hong Kong has launched a series of illustrations to promote safer internet use, providing tips and raising the awareness of hidden dangers lurking online.

The project is a collaboration between the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong (PCPD), and Hong Kong-based illustrator Dustykid. The illustrations depict the Dustykid Family encountering everyday challenges families face online, stressing the importance of internet security and providing local families with usable information. Stories depicted in the illustration series include Dustymama trying out online shopping, Dustypapa’s social networking habit, and Dustykid’s experience setting a password.

The Chinese-language illustration series is available on Dustykid’s Facebook and Instagram, with English versions available on the Dustykid World social channels.

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"Hong Kong people across all ages have become more digitally-savvy over the past three years. Hence, bringing attention to safer internet best practices is more important than ever. Google has been promoting digital citizenship and safety, for example, with the interactive ‘Be Internet Awesome’ platform," said Leonie Valentine, managing director of sales and operations at Google Hong Kong.

Google Hong Kong is also working with Caritas Youth and Community Service, as well as WebOrganic – the Information Technology Resource Center of The Hong Kong Council of Social Services – which will promote these internet safety tips among local families.

The PCPD said in its statement, "In addition to enforcing the law to protect citizens' right to privacy, the PCPD also acts as an educator to raise public awareness of protecting and respecting privacy through publicity and education. The story of 'The Dustykid Family' reminds everyone of the importance of protecting online privacy in a simple and reader-friendly way. This aligns with the emphasis of the PCPD in advocating for staying smart online to protect your data.”

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