Café de Coral extends community programme to assist Hong Kong's needy

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, several brands in Hong Kong have donated necessities to help alleviate the burdens faced by the city's people. Café de Coral has offered its own helping hand by continuing its community programme offering food assistance.

Leveraging its catering expertise and resources, Café de Coral has commissioned its school catering brand Luncheon Star to produce 100,000 lunch boxes for more than 3,600 elderly, disabled, and underprivileged Hongkongers. Aiming to offer hot food for up to 10 weeks through collaborations with The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council and FOOD-CO of St. James' Settlement, the fast-food chain has also invited a team of volunteers – consisting of group employees – to help distribute lunch boxes.

cade de coral 3

In addition to offering food, Café de Coral has donated 40,000 surgical masks to 4,000 street cleaners at 140 public refuse collection points with the assistance and coordination of the Love Your Neighbour Fund and Righteous Rider.

"Café de Coral has grown together with the people of Hong Kong for more than 50 years. In facing this epidemic, we aim to live up to two responsibilities: operating our business to the best of our ability by providing catering services for the people of Hong Kong, while simultaneously leveraging our unique expertise and resources to provide direct food assistance to the community. In doing so, we hope to provide a helping hand to the most vulnerable members of our society during these challenging times," said Peter Lo, CEO of Café de Coral Group.

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The latest initiative is Café de Coral's second phase of its community support programme. The first stage of the programme took place in March, with the donation of HK$300,000 cash coupons for Café de Coral and Super Super Congee & Noodles to 2,000 eligible people through a partnership with several organisations, including The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council, the Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association, and Peace of Mind (Elderly Service) Limited, to name a few. 

‘‘We distributed the cash coupons donated by the Café de Coral Group together with other pandemic prevention supplies to the needy. Faced with this current epidemic, food coupons are an invaluable pillar of support for those facing economic challenges. I hope all sectors of society will continue to lend a hand to overcome these difficulties together.," said Yvonne Yeung, chief executive of Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association.

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