WATCH Why this brand sent instant noodles into space

Think instant noodles is boring?

Nissin-Ajinomoto is attempting to spice things up by cooking instant noodles via rocket launch.

The project, done by F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, will have the noodles cooked upon the rocket re-entering the atmosphere.

Apparently, today is Miojo Instant Noodles Day (the anniversary of its creation), which is when the project kicks off. The rocket launch will take place in January 2015. It also has French chef Emmanuel Bassoleil adding his expertise for an exclusive recipe for the space mission.

Here’s the plan.

An unmanned rocket will take a capsule that was built with the purpose of carrying the ingredients for the recipe created by Bassoleil to an altitude of more than 100 km and then eject it into space. The idea for the meal is to achieve the boiling point when the capsule crosses the mesosphere on its way back home.

(The mesosphere is the layer of Earth's atmosphere that is responsible for, among other things, burning up meteors and now also for preparing space noodles!)

The development of the capsule will be finalised and the tests on the rocket will be conducted in the coming months. The rocket will be launched in January 2015, kicking off the celebration for the 50th anniversary of Nissin Miojo Lámen in Brazil.

The entire mission, tests, research, and recipes will be documented and published by the project’s sponsor, Nissin-Ajinomoto, at

Watch the video here:

Now that’s a lot of work for instant noodles. We hope it ... takes off?

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