Bridging experiences, activating actions

Urban locations and creative contents for OOH saw demand in 2019 as brands strived to connect with audiences. Placed where the people are, OOH mediums are used by brands to reach these urbanites, who spend more time out of the home, in a more engaging and contextual way.

Last year, Brandavision converted many static signages at high traffic locations to DOOH (digital out-of-home) signages. DOOH signage has the flexibility for quick ad change and is better at narrating brand stories, making it more effective and efficient in message delivery.

Suzanne Chai (pictured), director, business at Brandavision shares her insights on the future of marketing as an industry and exciting opportunities with outdoor digital displays.

A+M: How did Brandavision perform in the OOH scene in 2019?

Chai: Throughout 2019, we continued to liven up the interaction between consumers and brands with an out-of-the-box campaign like the Toys “R” Us featuring Mattel x BTS, South Korea’s leading K-pop group.

Held outside Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, we provided green-screen photo opportunities where fans had the opportunity to have their pictures 'virtually' taken alongside their favourite K-pop idols.

The photos were then projected on the giant outdoor LED screen at the main entrance of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Participants received complimentary photo printouts and e-vouchers to purchase the products at a promotional price. The campaign garnered high traffic on-ground and successfully boosted point-of-purchases.

A+M: What is the future of marketing?

Chai: As brands are racing against each other to catch consumers’ eyeballs, interactive advertising is rapidly gaining popularity as it ensures brands are “talking” to their audiences. Stepping into 2020, Brandavision will continue to pioneer new media ideas and innovate OOH advertising to create refreshing and unique experiences. Besides transforming new static signage to animated moving posters, this year, expect shoppers’ experiences to be activated through new engagements. We will continue to educate and encourage audiences to accept new technologies and ideas.

WOLO KL unveiled Malaysia’s first-ever 3D robotic digital LED screen in December 2019 with Brandavision as its exclusive media arm. This iconic digital billboard transforms the local landmark at the busy junction of Bukit Bintang.

The 3D robotic digital LED screen was the main attraction at the WOLO KL 2020 New Year Eve’s “Ultimate Countdown Celebration” held at its main entrance. It made the venue a melting pot where audiences converged to watch the show. The LED module moves independently to create depth, while its unique and dynamic content synergises with the moving mechanism. The 3D robotic display was first unveiled in New York Times Square and wowed audiences.

A+M: Trends that excite you?

Chai: Traditional media has always been a one-way display. Audiences today, however, demand more interaction with brands. This has transformed traditional OOH advertising.

The conversion to interactive display is a new and quicker way to overcome restrictions of traditional media while widening the database of the right target audience. Being at the forefront of the OOH media industry in Malaysia, Brandavision has pioneered a touchscreen display that allows consumers to interact with brands, buy or sample their products at its stores.

Our scrolling light boxes were converted into 75” HD LED interactive touchscreens with app-style software that can be switched to various displays according to needs. This new format can obtain refined audience data, which in turn, assists marketing personnel to analyse and understand consumer behaviour, and to drive business growth with more personalised content.

Our creative team looks forward to developing meaningful interactions to bring audiences on an experiential journey and obtain valuable insights, as well as drive product trials that lead to purchase and loyalty. These new displays take photos, push to mobile, and post on social platforms in order for audiences to redeem sampling at retail shops, which leads to potential purchases. We want marketeers to see more value in their investment.

A+M: Marketing industry hopes?

Chai: As advertising continues to evolve, expectations will rise. Media providers need to remain steadfast in developing new creative and effective approaches to enhance the user experience. We hope marketeers will become more receptive and explore new approaches in the market – especially approaches that aim to connect with audiences on a deeper emotional level.

Often, new ideas are accepted by trendsetter brands, but most marketeers are still sceptical to try new ideas until someone else has. The Malaysian marketing industry is transitioning quickly to technology-savvy ideas, propelling the nation to learn and accept new formats. Brands need to be committed to building trust with consumers on constantly advancing technology platforms to achieve business continuity.

The writer is Suzanne Chai, director, business, Brandavision.

This sponsored post by Brandavision is part of Advertising + Marketing’s annual Futurist series and was first published in our Q1 2020 issue.